Apologies for Radio Silence!

Hello everyone!

This is a big apology for not having done much post-PAX East. For those who were at PAX or who know us IRL know that Catherine is about to have a baby (seriously, in less than 2 weeks, hopefully)! And Tyr has moved to Canada, so there’s been (and going to be) a bit of a dearth of content for a while. Don’t worry – we’ve not disappeared entirely! And despite being on very different timezones we will still be recording regularly once Catherine has worked out how to be a mum and Tyr has settled into her new life in Canada.

Thanks for all your support, and please stay tuned!

Episode 19 Capital O Opinions

In this episode, Tyr and Catherine have opinions. No, we have Opinions. Capital O Opinions. Some of them are probably unpopular. Some of them we would defend with our lives. (Maybe.) Bad words are said. Totally @ us. (@CatherineFlick and @FothergillTyr on Twitter!)

We are also going to PAX East this year! Please come visit us in the Diversity Lounge at Catherine’s “Ask an Ethicist” booth. We’ll be doing a talk on AI in video games as well, currently scheduled for Saturday morning. We may have swag.

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Episode 17: It’s beginning to look a lot like Saturnalia!

Pride parade in GW2

In this episode we talk holidays! Why do we have certain holidays in games, and not others? Why is Christmas in games not quite Christmas, but a weird pagan version of Christmas? Is it only because game devs want to annoy right wing American Christians? Where do all these  in-game traditions come from anyway? (It’s probably Saturnalia.)

What about ad-hoc celebrations? Ugh, so much about holidays I almost can’t wait for the next lot of turkey I get to eat! Maybe with some traditional Halloween turnips.

Battlefield 1 tweet by Jan David Hassel

Tyria Pride

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Episode 16: Let’s Talk about Pets!

In this episode we talk about pets! Particularly Fortnite Pets, being both dragon experts and not Fortnite players at all. We may or may not sing silly on-topic songs. We discuss taking cute things into battle, gender issues of pets, domestic animals as food vs pets, particularly guinea pigs, and Fortnite and parenting despite not being parents. (Though we’ve done some research on these things!)

We also may or may not have had to re-record this episode due to Audacity crapping out on us 🙁

The BBC article we are talking about! 

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Episode 15: Augmented Reality and social norms – with Andrew Adams

A sign in a church inviting Pokemon Go players into church

In which Catherine and Tyr wrangle another fascinating victim special guest at ETHICOMP 2018, Prof. Andrew Adams, to talk about Pokémon Go and augmented reality games more generally. (Yes, another Pokémon Go one. I think we’re almost all out of material on Pokémon Go now.)

We talk social norms about Pokémon Go in Japan vs. other places, and safety while playing these games, that came out of a paper Andrew wrote about augmented reality games and the issues with large uptake of such games (disruption, poor locations of Pokestops, etc.).

We get interrupted by a Polish war memorial ceremony in the park outside our hotel, which is ironic because we talk about fighting in gyms at war memorials, as well as churches (and particularly Quaker meeting houses) and the discomfort that augmented reality games can sometimes bring when data is not perfect, or not used appropriately.

We also look at some of the upsides of Pokémon Go too though, so it’s not all doom and gloom!

I would link to Andrew’s paper on this but he hasn’t finished it yet. 🙂

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Episode 14: Twinkle Ponies – with Erica Neely on Ethics of Lootboxes

Loot box picture

Hello! In this episode I have to apologise for the sound quality; we were recording at ETHICOMP 2018 in Sopot, Poland and the room was a bit more echoey than expected (and noisier) and apparently I didn’t point the microphone in quite the right direction. The sound does get better as the episode goes on. But still, we have excellent content as we are with Dr Erica Neely, who gave an amazing talk about the ethics of loot boxes! We talk about loot boxes, paying for levels, paying for gear, cheating, catching up, reputation, and fairness for a bit, then Tyr comes up with an amazing song about Twinkle Ponies. (Apparently songs after the credits is now a Thing, so enjoy!) ✨🦒✨

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Dr Erica Neely


Episode 13: Women Who Game

Back to our regular schedule! In this episode, we had a loadddd of technical issues which meant that we lost a bit of discussion, sadly (my poor old laptop couldn’t cope with a browser window being open while recording. Let’s just say old laptop has now gone to the “backup machine” pile now 🙁 but I have a shiny new laptop, so that’s nice!)

We were responding in this episode to the online discussions about women who game, and particularly this tweet, which was by a friend of mine, about women who play D&D. (The original tweet that Evelyn was retweeting was about how no women play D&D!)

The discussion we lost in the technicals was about ArenaNet, and how we like to give them money, but we don’t really want to any more because they basically not only fired a female employee for pushing back against mansplaining, but a male colleague who supported her. And we didn’t like that much. So that’s basically the bits you missed.

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Episode 12: PAX East 2018 BRAAAAAAAINS! Archaeology and Philosophy of Zombies in Games followup

Grrrr arrrrrghhh! We have risen from the (summertime busy-ness) dead and feasted on brains responded to all of your questions from our PAX East panel on our video!

Our plans for this podcast are growing as well – we now plan to do recordings more frequently, have actually put a standing two hour block of podcast recording time into our diaries, and have enlisted some editorial/production support as well. So we are taking this rather seriously now! Stay tuned – we hope to launch a patreon in the coming weeks to help cover the costs of running the podcast.

Video and slides of our PAX East talk