PAX Online

Hi everyone! Just a quick update mid-release to let you all know that I’m on a panel for PAX Online with some excellent friends – Sebastian Deterding from York University and Rachel Kowert from Take This. We’ll be talking about COVID-19 gaming under lockdown – our experiences, what the science says, and how people have been playing under lockdown.

I’m not going to try to do timezones, but if you go to the schedule you can view it in your own timezone – here is our talk!

Edit to add: here’s the video of it!

Video Interlude – PAX East 2018: BRAAAAAAAINS! Archaeology and Philosophy of Zombies in Games

In this talk from PAX East 2018, Tyr Fothergill and Catherine Flick discuss the archaeology and philosophy of zombies in video games, and how these can be used to help scientists in large neuroscience projects understand the importance of research ethics. We will be doing some follow up podcast episodes to discuss some of the questions more thoroughly as well.

Recorded live a PAX East 2018; presentation available to view separately.


Interlude – EMFCamp

I’ve been really busy recently – sorry about that. Here’s an intervening video from EMFCamp on morality in video games which I gave last weekend.

Next podcast will come at some point – I’ll be talking about No Man’s Sky and the ethics document I wrote for the No Man’s Sky Archaeological survey!