2017 Political Games

I’m making a list of political games that reflect and/or respond to the current political climate (Trump administration, Brexit, rise of the extreme right). Political games are not just games – they help us to understand different perspectives, and help game developers to express themselves in troubling political times. Please let me know if there is one missing by contacting me on twitter or leaving a reply below.


Martian Immigration Nightmare by Zarkonnen

This game helps you to understand what it might be like to be one of the citizens restricted from travelling by the Executive Order Trump signed early into his presidency. Elon Musk, who wants to help the human race go to Mars, made various statements about how he wants to be involved at advising high levels of the Trump administration, so this is a “love letter” to him.

Easy Level Life by DE Team (this is from last year but is relevant)

Find out what it’s like to be a non-white person in America in this realistic short life simulation.

This is Fine by Nick Kaman

In which marshmallows are eaten with your friends and you put out fire with love.

Events and GameJams

The Goethe Institute is running a series of GameJams on political themes throughout 2017. 

According to the website, the first game jam took place at the end of November 2016 in Mexico City at the Centro de Cultura Digital; the second will be held at in early 2017 at the Nam June Paik Art Centre in Seoul. Further stations include Boston, Novosibirsk, São Paulo, Bandung and Yangon. So stay tuned!