Episode 21: Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter.

So You Want to Talk About Race – Ijeoma Oluo

Black Game Developers. Hire them. Buy their stuff.

Never Alone.

Games by Black creators:




Behind the Police podcast

Episode 16: Let’s Talk about Pets!

In this episode we talk about pets! Particularly Fortnite Pets, being both dragon experts and not Fortnite players at all. We may or may not sing silly on-topic songs. We discuss taking cute things into battle, gender issues of pets, domestic animals as food vs pets, particularly guinea pigs, and Fortnite and parenting despite not being parents. (Though we’ve done some research on these things!)

We also may or may not have had to re-record this episode due to Audacity crapping out on us 🙁

The BBC article we are talking about! 

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