Not Just a Game Episode 2: Looting Mortuary Spaces with Meghan Dennis

This episode has been long in coming! In it Meghan Dennis from the University of York and I discuss mortuary spaces in games and some of the ethical and social issues with depiction of mortuary spaces and the interactions that can be had with them in games. This episode was recorded at “The Interactive Pasts” Conference, the very first archaeogaming conference in the world, held in Leiden, The Netherlands, hosted by the Value Project.

Games discussed include:

4 Replies to “Not Just a Game Episode 2: Looting Mortuary Spaces with Meghan Dennis”

  1. Hey, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed listening to the podcast. I was also happy to hear our The Curious Expedition get mentioned. We thought a lot about how to portray looting in the game. Not just from gameplay standpoint, but also regarding its cultural impact. Would be happy to do an episode with you, if that is something that is interesting to you and your listeners.


  2. Thanks Riad, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I’d love to have you on for an episode, because I’m really interested in the decision making processes that game devs go through to work out how to portray potentially culturally/socially significant things. I suspect Meghan might want to talk to you for her PhD work too! 🙂
    I’ll drop you a line in a little bit as I have a list of episodes to do for the next few podcasts but will add you to my list and we can record over summer perhaps!

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