Episode 10 – Zombies!

Tyr and I are off to PAX East again, this time we will be talking about zombies (and Pokémon Go!)!

We were so excited we  invited some special guests to come play Left 4 Dead 2 with us (yes, they are our very patient and lovely husbands, Martin and Ray). Listen in to some of the shenanigans we got up to, and some thoughts about zombies, realism, decay, and why zombie games are so popular!

We have never played this game before and we are not very good at FPSes, so enjoy our attempts to TPK too!

Our talk on zombies at PAX East is on at 4:30-5:30PM on Saturday: BRAAAAAIIIIINS: Archaeology and Philosophy of Zombies in Games

Our talk on Pokémon Go! is on Friday 5:00-6:00PM: Ethics of Pokémon Go!

Music excerpts in this episode are from the Left 4 Dead 2 soundtrack – we use them for academic purposes!

Games mentioned:

  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Last of Us
  • Half Life (2)

Many thanks to Ray and Martin for putting up with me axing them in the back.