Episode 13: Women Who Game

Back to our regular schedule! In this episode, we had a loadddd of technical issues which meant that we lost a bit of discussion, sadly (my poor old laptop couldn’t cope with a browser window being open while recording. Let’s just say old laptop has now gone to the “backup machine” pile now šŸ™ but I have a shiny new laptop, so that’s nice!)

We were responding in this episode to the online discussions about women who game, and particularly this tweet, which was by a friend of mine, about women who play D&D. (The original tweet that Evelyn was retweeting was about how no women play D&D!)

The discussion we lost in the technicals was about ArenaNet, and how we like to give them money, but we don’t really want to any more because they basically not only fired a female employee for pushing back against mansplaining, but a male colleague who supported her. And we didn’t like that much. So that’s basically the bits you missed.

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(PS featured image is my old retired laptop and some prep I was doing for a D&D game one time!)